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Entryway Shoe Storage Ideas – How to Make Own Storage Bench

entryway shoe storage

Rather than buying expensive entryway shoe storage systems, you can build an entryway shoe storage bench yourself on a small wall. Hunker contributor Francesca shows you how to make a simple wall-mounted shoe storage unit. Using simple metal rods and wire coat hangers, the system keeps the entryway floor free of clutter. And, the best part is that it requires almost no space to install. Read on for more tips on entryway shoe storage ideas.

entryway shoe storage

Entryway Bench With Shoe Storage Style and Ideas

Entryway bench with shoe storage Carousel – For a stylish look, a shoe carousel can be an excellent option. These racks are a great way to store more than one pair of shoes. The rack has five adjustable shelves and is suitable for most entryway styles. The rack also comes with a wall mount. For maximum functionality, this small entryway shoe storage solution features an extra shelf and wire basket for mail. Depending on the size of your entryway, you may need more than one shoe rack.

Tote cubbies – Several large totes with patterned patterns or colorful designs can be turned into shoe bins. You can also place them on the floor of the entryway closet. Using a pair of sandals in one of these storage bins can be very practical. You can even make a pair of flat shoes out of a plastic bottle if you cut the top off. This way, you won’t need to invest in expensive entryway shoe storage units.

entryway bench with shoe storage

DIY Entryway Shoe Storage Ideas and How to

DIY entryway shoe storage Bench – Besides providing comfort and storage for everyday shoes, a bench is also a great way to hide away extra pairs of shoes. Some small entryway shoe storage benches come with a cushioned seat so that you can sit on them while removing your shoes. While it’s not the most practical solution for storing extra pairs of shoes, it’s perfect for a home with small children. Depending on the size of your entryway, this storage bench can hold as many as 18 pairs of shoes. You can choose from a wide range of colors and finishes.

If you don’t want to purchase expensive storage options, consider making your own entryway shoe rack. Old crates are a great solution. Be sure to include a handle, so you can slide it out from underneath furniture. You can even paint it to match your decor. A boot scraper doormat will make the perfect accessory to accompany your new entryway shoe storage system. Just be sure to label it with the appropriate wording.

DIY entryway shoe storage Bench

Small entryway bench with shoe storage buy several separate shoe storage units, there are several ways to organize your entryway and keep it looking tidy. Some of these ideas are simple, while others are very intricate and expensive. You can choose from entryway benches with shoe storage benches, shoe storage racks, and more. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to find a solution that suits your needs and style. If you’re still not sure which option is best for you, we hope these ideas help.

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