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How to Add Rustic Flair to Your Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

farmhouse kitchen decor

Whether you’ve decided to remodel an existing kitchen or build a new one from scratch, farmhouse kitchen decor can be a great choice. If your home is modern and has exposed wood beams, oversized pendant lights will make an impressive statement. If your space is more traditional, you might consider installing wood counter chairs or a chalkboard. These accessories will add to the quaintness of your space and make cooking and baking a breeze.

Reclaimed Wood Beams for Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Using reclaimed wood beams in your farmhouse kitchen decor can create a rustic look and feel that is both functional and beautiful. They are a great way to hide utilities and add depth to the room. You can also hang pendant lights directly from the beams if you wish. You’ll find that many reclaimed wood beams are already hanging in homes. The next time you want to add rustic flair to your kitchen, reclaimed wood beams can be a great choice.

Barn beams are another option for farmhouse kitchen decor. These hand-hewn beams can be drilled with holes to hold candle holders and potted plants. Barn beams look great above your cooktop and can even accent your indoor garden. Watch the video below to learn how to do it. If you’re a DIYer, you can even watch a tutorial on YouTube to learn how to do it.

Exposed Wood Beams for Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Adding exposed wood beams to your kitchen is a rustic and charming way to add some character to the kitchen. These beams add an interesting architectural feature to your kitchen, as well as make the space seem higher and airier. They also work well with other decor elements, so you can choose different ones to suit your kitchen style. Read on to discover how you can incorporate these unique features into your kitchen. Listed below are a few ways to use them:

Real exposed wood beams are expensive and can easily become unattractive over time. You can also install faux wood beams to simulate this look without the added weight. If you’re short on budget, faux wood beams are a good option. They have the same look as real wood but can be much more affordable and easy to install. You can even use them as accents on your kitchen wall decor! They’ll make a great accent for your farmhouse kitchen decor!

While exposed wood beams add character and warmth to your kitchen, they can also add a hefty feeling to the space. A kitchen with dark wood and exposed beams can be heavy, so you’ll want to keep them to a minimum. Black accents in the kitchen can make them stand out, so you’ll want to avoid dark wood and beams with a dark finish. Instead, opt for light wood and white paint.


Adding a chalkboard to your farmhouse kitchen decor can add rustic charm and a sense of old-school charm. Whether you use it as a place to write down to-do lists, or as a focal point in an informal nook, a chalkboard makes a great accent. And you can even DIY it! Here are some easy steps to get you started. If you’re interested in creating your own chalkboard, check out these simple instructions.

First, install chalkboard surfaces on cabinets and fridges. This way, you can keep track of your grocery list or write down the recipes and other essentials you plan to cook. Add chalkboard signs to a coffee bar area, or hang a large chalkboard on the wall over the spice rack. This way, you can mark off the spices that aren’t labeled. Chalkboards also add a playful element to your kitchen.

For a touch of country charm, consider a pig-shaped chalkboard. This wall sign doubles as a sign for a restaurant and is great for displaying information for customers. It features a trendy barn door hanging bracket and is 16 x 8 inches. It’s easy to wipe clean and works well in a farmhouse kitchen.farmhouse kitchen decor

Wooden Counter Chairs

For a charming yet functional accent, consider a set of wood counter stools. The style is rustic and will match a variety of decors. White or light-colored cabinets and a light-colored island will go perfectly with woven counter stools. A pair of woven bar stools will add color and warmth to an otherwise white kitchen. For added impact, place a black range hood and a pair of woven stools over the island.

If you’re looking for a chair with a more modern feel, consider a chair with woven leather or a painted frame. If your farmhouse kitchen decor is more traditional, you can also opt for rattan or woven Parisian-style chairs. While backless stools might not be the best choice for small children, you’ll have no trouble incorporating them into farmhouse kitchen decor with a coordinating bench. If you have older children, choose a counter chair with a back or sides.

If you’re a true fan of rustic kitchen decor, you can’t go wrong with vintage-inspired bistro bar stools. The dark wood color of the distressed stools will add a touch of class to any farmhouse kitchen. Moreover, they’ll look great in a white kitchen. Wooden counter chairs can also add a country touch to your decor. And they won’t hurt your budget either!

Repurposed Items

For farmhouse kitchen decor, consider reusing old objects. Instead of buying new ones, opt for repurposed items that add style and charm. Use old t-shirts to decorate your kitchen stools and use reclaimed fixtures to add personal charm to your kitchen. Here are some ideas to inspire you. Use repurposed items to create the most rustic farmhouse kitchen decor. A repurposed wood sign can cover your stovetop when it’s not in use and cut noodles.

Another unique way to reuse objects is by upcycling them. A galvanized wash tub turned into an adorable farmhouse-style mirror was used by Knick Of Time. A vintage television armoire can be transformed into rustic kitchen furniture, or you can create a DIY farmhouse armoire. Repurposing kitchen towels can also save you money and give you a unique design. Using stencils, you can create a beautiful design without breaking the bank.

Use reclaimed wood in your kitchen. Reclaimed wood has great character, so be sure to highlight it. If you’d like a modern farmhouse look, consider using glass-front cabinet doors. Use dark hardware to complement them. Repurposing vintage items will also add character to your kitchen. Custom-made fabric seat covers can be made for industrial stools, for example. Another great way to incorporate repurposed items into your farmhouse kitchen decor is to reuse old objects.

Reclaimed Barn Wood

If you’re thinking of redecorating your farmhouse kitchen decor with reclaimed barn wood, you’re not alone. This rustic wood adds vintage charm and a unique personality to your home. Barn wood is a versatile material that can be used to create a variety of different farmhouse kitchen decor pieces. Whether you’re looking for a rustic sign or a simple wall decor piece, the reclaimed barn wood will be a perfect choice.

Barn wood adds character and dimension to your woodworking project, elevating an ordinary item to heirloom status. The texture and color of aged wood are unique and add to the unique character of the pieces. This wood is also a great material for refined contemporary pieces. One way to incorporate barn wood into your decor is to create unique serving trays or platters. These trays will serve as functional serving utensils while adding a rustic and beautiful element to your kitchen.

If you’re looking for unique ways to use barn wood in your farmhouse kitchen decor, you can use it to make utility boxes and wooden trays. Place one near your sink for easy access to your dish soap, hand soap, and detergent. If you’re not into utilizing the wood for storage, you can use it to craft furniture. Wooden trays and boxes will make great storage solutions for your kitchen. And while you’re at it, you can use reclaimed barn wood to craft some beautiful decorative items.

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