How to Style Floating Butcher Block Shelves

Butcher block shelves will help you display your best dishes and produce in your kitchen. Black floating shelves Displaying fruit in your kitchen will encourage your family to eat it, as will having your favorite wine and cheeses on display. Choosing wooden shelves for kitchen design that complements your kitchen’s woodwork and furnishings is a great way to personalize it. The following are some ideas for styling butcher block shelves. All of them will complement your kitchen’s unique look.

How to Style Floating Butcher Block Shelves Kitchen

Butcher Block Floating Shelves Pros And Cons

When choosing butcher block shelves, remember that you should always protect your wood countertops from the effects of moisture and dirt. Walnut shelf is porous and can trap more germs than other surfaces. To maintain your kitchen’s countertops, you can clean them with warm water and mild soap or a water-vinegar mixture. Distilled white vinegar is a disinfectant and kills bacteria and viruses. You must also be careful of mold growth, as it can cause damage. To remove mold, you can apply a coating of chlorine bleach. Once dried, sand down the surface.

How to Style Floating Butcher Block Shelves Kitchen

Before installing your new Butcher block shelves, determine where you will place them on your wall. Mark your wall horizontally with a level. Use a drill bit of the right size and install plastic wall anchors. Next, position the bottom shelf angle bracket on top of the wall. Screw-in the corner brace into the plastic anchor using a round head screw. This way, your shelves will be level and secure in place. After securing the shelves, paint them to match your woodwork.

Light Wood Floating Shelves for DIYer

If you are planning on installing butcher block shelves in your kitchen, consider purchasing a set of wood countertops. Hardwood Reflections counters are 98″ long, 25″ wide, and 1.5″ thick. They retail for $384 each. The good thing about buying them online is that they come with free shipping. You should also consider ordering a custom-made version for a more personalized look. If you are a DIYer, you may be able to create your own light wood floating shelves by using the wood of your choice.

How to Style Floating Butcher Block Shelves Kitchen

Regardless of their size, butcher block shelves can be useful for multiple functions. They are great for serving as cutting boards, as well as serving platters. Unlike traditional cutting boards, butcher blocks are thicker and sturdy. Because of their thick design, they are highly durable and can withstand butchering meat, they are also excellent surfaces for chopping, slicing, and dicing. You can use them for more than one purpose.

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Floating kitchen shelves have been on my pinterest boards for as long as I can remember, and this new house provided the ideal space for two of them. I understand that open shelves in the kitchen is a contentious topic, but I believe that every opportunity to exhibit another plant or some decanted dry products should be seized.

Tap the plastic wall anchors into place. Then, with the angle bracket on the bottom side, hold the corner brace in place and screw it into the plastic anchor. Finally, place the shelf on the corner brackets and use round head screws to secure the brackets to the underside of the shelf.

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