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Inexpensive Desert Landscaping Ideas Decorative Pots and Rocks

inexpensive desert landscaping ideas

When you want to create a stunning garden on a budget, you can go for inexpensive desert landscaping ideas. Decorative pots and rocks are an excellent choice, and you can even use a faux cow skull near your cactus plant. Other inexpensive desert landscaping ideas are to combine cacti and petrified wood or dried tree limbs. You can also use dehydrated cacti and faux tree limbs.

Decorative Pots and Rocks

Adding decorative pots and rocks to your yard is a quick and inexpensive desert landscaping ideas way to revamp the look of your outdoor space. Pots and rocks add dimension and texture to a desert yard, while cacti and flowers add classic style to your yard. Sand-colored pebbles are a great base for cacti. Decorative pots and rocks are also durable and can add beauty and color to your yard.

Crushed stone and Aloe Vera are inexpensive desert landscaping ideas materials. They will transform the look of your yard and are low-maintenance. Aloe Vera and decorative pots are also low-maintenance. Decorative pots and rocks will transform the outer area into a beautiful oasis. And since desert plants do not require a lot of water, they can transform your yard into a beautiful oasis without costing a fortune.

Xeriscaping Popular Landscape Style

Xeriscaping is a popular landscape style that features minimal vegetation in arid areas. This type of design is also easy to maintain with simple weed control. It features desert-loving plants such as cacti, which require little watering and can be a low-maintenance option. Its minimalist design allows for a minimalist approach without sacrificing artistic appeal. Listed below are some inexpensive desert landscaping ideas for the front and back yards.

Unlike traditional lawns, xeriscaping allows for much more creativity than a typical lawn can offer. Besides cutting down on watering costs, you can choose to grow plants that require less water, such as succulents or small cacti. And since xeriscaping is inexpensive desert landscaping ideas, anyone can do it. Despite its simplicity, it provides an amazing sense of satisfaction, as well as an added benefit.

Mesquite Trees

While most mesquite trees don’t need much maintenance, you may want to give them a little extra care if you’re growing them close to your home. The trees tend to need extra attention during hot summers and extended droughts, but they aren’t nearly as susceptible to sun-scorch as other inexpensive desert landscaping ideas. Regular deep watering and occasional fertilization are recommended to maintain the health of your mesquite trees.

Mesquite trees grow well in a wide range of desert environments. Although three species are native to Arizona, they’re also found throughout the Southwestern United States. Mesquite trees have pinnately-spread leaves and a canopy that provides filtered shade during the hot summers. Mesquite trees produce yellow puffy flowers in early winter. You’ll likely want to plant several mesquite trees to create effective inexpensive desert landscaping ideas.

Columnar Cacti Inexpensive Desert Landscaping Ideas

These low-maintenance plants can grow to twenty feet and require only biweekly watering. Originally used as living walls and property dividers in Mexico, they have a striking appearance, with twisted spines resembling tailored stitches. They have strikingly different colorings, too. In the winter, they need less watering than in the summer. A few tips for caring for columnar cacti in your landscaping plan.

Using columnar cacti as an inexpensive desert landscaping ideas will help you create a clean, airy environment in your garden. While these plants are fairly large, they can easily be clipped to reduce their size, and can be pruned to shape them more effectively. Alternatively, you can choose prickly pear cacti, which naturally grow in cylinders and flat branches towards the light.

Peruvian Apple Cactus

Growing the Peruvian apple cactus is not difficult. Although this cactus is low maintenance and low water-using, it benefits from regular fertilization and pruning. It does require additional space in your garden and regular pruning, but once established it requires little maintenance. Although it is low maintenance, you can feed it with a plant food supplement. For best results, fertilize it once a year.

The Peruvian apple cactus grows indoors but requires regular pruning. It grows anywhere from two to four feet a year, depending on the conditions. Once established, the plant’s flowers are extremely attractive but short-lived. This species has beautiful sunburst flowers which bloom at sunrise and close before sunset. Fertilized flowers will form into fruits around winter. A beautiful and unique addition to your inexpensive desert landscaping ideas, the Peruvian apple cactus will be a showpiece for years to come.

Dry Stream Bed

Dry stream beds are an inexpensive desert landscaping ideas way to add a natural element to your yard without having to use a lot of materials or labor. To create your own dry stream bed, you will need to mark the end and beginning points of the bed with stone markers or a garden hose. Then fill in the bed with medium-sized rocks and finish it by placing large boulders on either side of the stream. You can plant small shrubs and flowers near the rocks.

A dry stream bed is a great way to change the look of an arid yard without sacrificing much space. A dry stream bed can be a small, twisting stream with both beginning and ending points. Fill the bed with river rocks or standard-sized rocks. In case of a shortage of river rocks, you can use medium-sized rocks instead. The resulting bed will look like a natural stream, without the hassles and expense of hiring a professional landscaper.

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