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Pole Wrap Wood Wrap Ideas For Basement Pole Covers

pole wrap

Pole wrap is a durable polymer sheet that prevents rot and provides an insulating barrier to basement pole covers. This protective layer is also effective against varmints, including woodpeckers, from damaging wooden structures. And since pole wrap is UV stabilized, it is not susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays. It can also protect the pole from phase-to-ground electrocutions. Despite its numerous benefits, pole cover is an investment that can yield immediate and ongoing benefits.

pole wrap

Wood Wrap used as a Decorative Pole Wrap

Wood Wrap can be used as a decorative wall covering for flat surfaces, whether it’s for wall accent or the entire wall. The material is especially well-suited for uneven surfaces. You can purchase it in sheets of four feet by eight feet, which you can cut to fit the area you want to cover. In addition to providing a permanent, durable, and beautiful signage solution, printed accent wall with wood trim also enhance the look of a dull structure. These wraps can increase the presence of your organization’s brand, provide additional advertising space, and act as wayfinding signage. Adhesive-printed pole wraps can be applied for a long-term appearance and are perfect for long-term applications.

wood wrap

Basement Pole Covers Structural Support Element

Basement pole covers, also known as lally columns or jack posts, are a common structural support element in basements. They provide little to no space for windows and can feel confining. But thanks to pole wrap, you can add a small table to a pole. If you have a few spare feet, you can also buy a pole wrap that has small tables. Or you can build a small table yourself. Make sure you measure the pole properly. column wrap comes in various sizes and colors. You can cut them according to your column’s size or choose from pre-finished colors. Choose a classic color for the pole, such as black. This will help balance out the black color in the room. A more decorative option is to choose a color that matches your décor. In order to do this, you should measure the diameter of the pole and the column’s circumference. Use the Pole-Wrap Sizing Chart to determine the correct size for your pole.

basement pole covers

Interior Columns Wraps Budget

Interior Columns Wraps make your own storage poles on a budget. A pole wrap wood with tule and fairy lights will look fantastic. It will protect the floor while providing extra space for storage. And, unlike premade storage poles, DIY alternatives will still look great in your basement. Just make sure you get enough poles for your basement. You’ll thank yourself later! It won’t be difficult to install pole wraps yourself. If you’re on a tight budget, you can also make a temporary basement cover out of ivy and fairy lights.

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